Belt Pulleys
Vibration Dampers

Work Pieces with
Press-Formed Hubs

Drawn, Flow-Formed Parts

Wheel Rim Rings,
Wheels and Discs


High Pressure
Gas Cylinders


Wheel Rim Rings, Wheels and Discs

STR 700/3 Horizontal 3-roller Flowforming Machine. The horizontal Spinning Machine STR 700/3 is designed for stretching based on spinning of tubing and other hollow workpieces with symmetry of rotation, of constant or variable wall thickness.

VFD 1010/VRB 500 Machine Line
The machinery equipment consisting of the vertical spinning machine VFD 1010 and the vertical edge treating machine VRB 500 is excellently suited for the production of steel and aluminum rims from a welded banding.

HRD 700 Horizontal Flow-Forming Machine
The horizontal machine type HRD 700 is a 3-roller flow-forming machine and has particularly been designed for the production of wheel disks and wheels from blanks by means of flow forming. The machine processes two driven spindles that are located on the machine frame opposite each other.